How To Setup An Wifi Network Priority?

Every user wants a stronger Wifi connection. Suppose you are using an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, then it automatically connects your device to the strongest Wifi connection in your list. It is also known as a priority list that brings the strongest connection to the priority and connects to it.

It does not matter if you have multiple internet connections at your home. The strongest will be prioritized automatically and then connected to your mobile phone.

Setting Up An Network Priority

There are not any specific steps to turn on this setting. If you are an Apple user, it automatically prioritizes your mobile phone’s strongest Wifi network. However, there are criteria on which the iPhone automatically connects to the strongest Wifi network.

  • Most Prefered Network
  • The private network joined recently
  • Public vs. Private networks

We know that there are some aspects on which Apple focuses while prioritizing your strongest network. IOS considers several factors sit give a hidden score that enables the device to connect to the strongest network in your mobile phone.

The score defines the network as per its connectivity. It often happens that if you automatically connect to another network, the rest have fewer scores. However, this information remains confidential about how Apple prioritizes a particular network.

Synchronizing Network Priority: MAC To iPhone

Apple never fails to overwhelm its users. This aspect of prioritizing the Wifi network also allows you to synchronize through your MAC laptop and prioritize the Wifi network there as well. All it takes is signing in with a similar Apple ID, and that’s it.

It would automatically prioritize the wifi network which is in your phone.As long as both the devices are turned on, they both would be linked with a similar priority Wifi Network.

Overall prioritizing a Wifi network provides the best connection and Wifi speed to the users. Apple users are luckiest to have this feature as a good internet connection makes everything fall in place.

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