Making Website Through Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center has come up with a feature to create websites. It has benefitted small businesses. For a very long time, Microsoft is an application that has made excellent tools available for free.

Creating A Profile

To create a profile, you need to have an account made easily through Microsoft Digital Marketing Center. You have to open this and click on the Get Started option, and this will take you directly towards the sign-in page.

The process starts, entering the basic information like the name and name of the business and several things. It will further lead to open a dashboard with all the categories available from where you can manage social media, launch Ad campaigns, and many more.

It always has an option of “My Website” that allows you to make changes anytime you want.

Starting Your Free Website

Getting started with your website has two options: you add all the information from the start if you do not have any Facebook page. If you run your business through a Facebook page, then it can transfer data to your dashboard.

Still, there are some modifications required.Moving forward, you have a build my button that allows you to add information from scratch. This situation occurs when you do not have a Facebook business account.

The last step includes the name of your business. It is good to add a professional name for your business, but if you have been running it with the same name already on Facebook and it is common among consumers with that name, you can use that. It will initially make a URL for your website with your business name.

Creating A Website Through Digital Marketing Center

The process includes a few steps, which are as follows;

  • Description
  • Tagline
  • Cover picture
  • Customer’s response button
  • Information about your business
  • Reviews
  • Social Posts
  • Images
  • Social Links

Add these things when you are starting your website from the beginning. All this information reduces a little if you are running your business already through any other platform as the information transfers.

Description and Tagline are the two main things that attract the consumer as it is the first impression of your dashboard.
Adding a cover picture displays your brand’s image, and it is the second way to describe what your brand is.

There should be a Customer response button and information about the available business that enables the consumers to care about its customers.Reviews and social posts enable the consumers to know about the previous product and how it has helped the previous customers.

Microsoft has made an easy process that allows you to create a dashboard platform for the users and make it easy for them by just adding the details and compiling it according to the categories.

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