Huawei Freebuds 4i

As technology and devices are moving towards more advancements, products are moving towards wireless technology. Earphones have been a critical device when you buy a phone, but the wired handsfree may cause some troubles as well.

It is evident that if you are looking for an earbud with a feature of Active Noise cancellation(ANC) that it would be approximately $200-300. At this time in the market, when earbuds have been an expensive item, Huawei has launched its freebuds 4i, which offers an ANC feature for just $100, which is shocking.

Design Of FreeBuds

The Huawei Freebuds 4i is a bit similar in design as Airpods buy Huawei has worked hard to change its case. As we know that this is a smaller device that cannot be changed much in design. It has some advancements, which can be in terms of the case. Free Bud 4i has no-frills, which is not bad if they offer a product in this price range.

It is heard that free buds have copied mostly the design of Apple Airpods, but obviously, there are a few changes out which the primary factor is the price range. Secondly, they have used silicon tips that help to produce the best sound quality and are easily fittable in your ears.

Huawei has come up with multiple size varieties that help to fit easily if the size varies. Huawei’s freebuds have also changed regarding the stem, which is different from Airpods; Huawei has a flattened side pronounced stem of the earbuds.

Furthermore, Huawei free buds also have a touchpad on it used for certain gestures, including play/pause music, change the music through double-tapping, answering and ending the calls, and turning on the ANC mode.

Through this aspect, Huawei needs to work hard as there are some situations when you accidentally tap on the earbud and the music automatically changes. Sometimes you keep on tapping, and the music doesn’t change. In such a situation, Huawei should look at the Samsung Earbuds that play a slight sound every time you tap on the touchpad.

Coming towards the case, which is different from Apple and comes in an egg-like shape. Although there are some failings in the case, the pairing button is almost invisible, and the case does not support wireless charging and can be charged only from USB Type-C, which is acceptable as per the price range.

The free buds come in three colors ceramic white, carbon black, and red edition. The surface of the case a kind of gloss finish that gives a good feel but makes it difficult to put and take out the buds from the case. Also, these earbuds are water-resistant. When it is a splash or sweat, your buds will not get destroyed.

Sound Quality

Coming towards the sound quality of these earbuds, they are not offering, which is out of the box, but its price range has made it the best earbuds for everyone. It contains 10mm drivers that give the best sound output. However, it sometimes lacks a bit when a high bass is played.

However, when you increase the volume, you might feel the price factor as the sound becomes distorted.As per Huawei, these earbuds are helpful for soft sounds rather than playing large bass voices. We have tried using it for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and the voice is crystal clear.

Although we have tried to check the vocals by video calls, Huawei has not worked on the microphone, which is alright, and most of the earbuds in this price range might lack a microphone. However, it would be good to see if Huawei put some extra effort into including the microphone in the earbuds.

For connectivity, Huawei has worked on using the Bluetooth 5.2 technology that provides a reliable connection from place to place. These Huawei Freebuds 4i are available for both iOS and Android devices, and an application is also available named Huawei AI life that helps to adjust the earbuds functions.

Battery Life

Huawei Freebuds 4i has a great battery life of approximately 10 hours without charging, and ANC is turned on. There is a 55mAh cell in each earbud that makes the usage of 7-8 hours without charging. The charging case provides up to 22 hours of listening.

However the wireless charging is not supported by the case, so it provides a fast charging option through a USB Type-C cable. It can play for 4 hours continuously on 10 minutes of charging. However, it only takes around 20-30 minutes to charge the earbuds and the case entirely.

Should I Get These Earbuds

If you are looking for an earbud with all the advanced features in an affordable price range, then these are the best option. A $100 earbuds offering a noise cancellation option and many other features is the best option.

However, you cannot listen to high bass sounds due to some distortion, and answering calls might be a drawback, but in this price range, these are still the best Huawei devices.

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