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YouTube to Mp4 Converter

You can use Convertidor MP3 to convert YouTube videos in MP3 & MP4 extensions. Considering all the formats concerning their features, sound quality, pros and cons, we can say that Mp4 is the best type of  format you can choose between to convert a YouTube video to. In this article, we are going to give you step by step instructions on how you can easily convert a YouTube video to an Mp4 file through which you can listen to songs offline too.

To convert YouTube video to MP4, you can use Convertisseur MP3 or any other YouTube converter website.


● Find the YouTube video you need to change, open the video and copy the URL of that video from the top of the URL box.
● Go to any third-party YouTube to Mp4 converter’s website or application and paste the video’s URL in the conversion box available in the middle of the screen.
● Now click on the “Format” option to open the list of formats you can choose from and click on “Mp4.”
● It is estimated to take a minute or two, depending on the speed of your internet.
● Once the video is successfully converted to an Mp4 file, you can click on “Download” to get the file on your device for offline listening.


Making Website Through Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center has come up with a feature to create websites. It has benefitted small businesses. For a very long time, Microsoft is an application that has made excellent tools available for free.

Creating A Profile

To create a profile, you need to have an account made easily through Microsoft Digital Marketing Center. You have to open this and click on the Get Started option, and this will take you directly towards the sign-in page.

The process starts, entering the basic information like the name and name of the business and several things. It will further lead to open a dashboard with all the categories available from where you can manage social media, launch Ad campaigns, and many more.

It always has an option of “My Website” that allows you to make changes anytime you want.

Starting Your Free Website

Getting started with your website has two options: you add all the information from the start if you do not have any Facebook page. If you run your business through a Facebook page, then it can transfer data to your dashboard.

Still, there are some modifications required.Moving forward, you have a build my button that allows you to add information from scratch. This situation occurs when you do not have a Facebook business account.

The last step includes the name of your business. It is good to add a professional name for your business, but if you have been running it with the same name already on Facebook and it is common among consumers with that name, you can use that. It will initially make a URL for your website with your business name.

Creating A Website Through Digital Marketing Center

The process includes a few steps, which are as follows;

  • Description
  • Tagline
  • Cover picture
  • Customer’s response button
  • Information about your business
  • Reviews
  • Social Posts
  • Images
  • Social Links

Add these things when you are starting your website from the beginning. All this information reduces a little if you are running your business already through any other platform as the information transfers.

Description and Tagline are the two main things that attract the consumer as it is the first impression of your dashboard.
Adding a cover picture displays your brand’s image, and it is the second way to describe what your brand is.

There should be a Customer response button and information about the available business that enables the consumers to care about its customers.Reviews and social posts enable the consumers to know about the previous product and how it has helped the previous customers.

Microsoft has made an easy process that allows you to create a dashboard platform for the users and make it easy for them by just adding the details and compiling it according to the categories.

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Huawei Freebuds 4i

As technology and devices are moving towards more advancements, products are moving towards wireless technology. Earphones have been a critical device when you buy a phone, but the wired handsfree may cause some troubles as well.

It is evident that if you are looking for an earbud with a feature of Active Noise cancellation(ANC) that it would be approximately $200-300. At this time in the market, when earbuds have been an expensive item, Huawei has launched its freebuds 4i, which offers an ANC feature for just $100, which is shocking.

Design Of FreeBuds

The Huawei Freebuds 4i is a bit similar in design as Airpods buy Huawei has worked hard to change its case. As we know that this is a smaller device that cannot be changed much in design. It has some advancements, which can be in terms of the case. Free Bud 4i has no-frills, which is not bad if they offer a product in this price range.

It is heard that free buds have copied mostly the design of Apple Airpods, but obviously, there are a few changes out which the primary factor is the price range. Secondly, they have used silicon tips that help to produce the best sound quality and are easily fittable in your ears.

Huawei has come up with multiple size varieties that help to fit easily if the size varies. Huawei’s freebuds have also changed regarding the stem, which is different from Airpods; Huawei has a flattened side pronounced stem of the earbuds.

Furthermore, Huawei free buds also have a touchpad on it used for certain gestures, including play/pause music, change the music through double-tapping, answering and ending the calls, and turning on the ANC mode.

Through this aspect, Huawei needs to work hard as there are some situations when you accidentally tap on the earbud and the music automatically changes. Sometimes you keep on tapping, and the music doesn’t change. In such a situation, Huawei should look at the Samsung Earbuds that play a slight sound every time you tap on the touchpad.

Coming towards the case, which is different from Apple and comes in an egg-like shape. Although there are some failings in the case, the pairing button is almost invisible, and the case does not support wireless charging and can be charged only from USB Type-C, which is acceptable as per the price range.

The free buds come in three colors ceramic white, carbon black, and red edition. The surface of the case a kind of gloss finish that gives a good feel but makes it difficult to put and take out the buds from the case. Also, these earbuds are water-resistant. When it is a splash or sweat, your buds will not get destroyed.

Sound Quality

Coming towards the sound quality of these earbuds, they are not offering, which is out of the box, but its price range has made it the best earbuds for everyone. It contains 10mm drivers that give the best sound output. However, it sometimes lacks a bit when a high bass is played.

However, when you increase the volume, you might feel the price factor as the sound becomes distorted.As per Huawei, these earbuds are helpful for soft sounds rather than playing large bass voices. We have tried using it for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and the voice is crystal clear.

Although we have tried to check the vocals by video calls, Huawei has not worked on the microphone, which is alright, and most of the earbuds in this price range might lack a microphone. However, it would be good to see if Huawei put some extra effort into including the microphone in the earbuds.

For connectivity, Huawei has worked on using the Bluetooth 5.2 technology that provides a reliable connection from place to place. These Huawei Freebuds 4i are available for both iOS and Android devices, and an application is also available named Huawei AI life that helps to adjust the earbuds functions.

Battery Life

Huawei Freebuds 4i has a great battery life of approximately 10 hours without charging, and ANC is turned on. There is a 55mAh cell in each earbud that makes the usage of 7-8 hours without charging. The charging case provides up to 22 hours of listening.

However the wireless charging is not supported by the case, so it provides a fast charging option through a USB Type-C cable. It can play for 4 hours continuously on 10 minutes of charging. However, it only takes around 20-30 minutes to charge the earbuds and the case entirely.

Should I Get These Earbuds

If you are looking for an earbud with all the advanced features in an affordable price range, then these are the best option. A $100 earbuds offering a noise cancellation option and many other features is the best option.

However, you cannot listen to high bass sounds due to some distortion, and answering calls might be a drawback, but in this price range, these are still the best Huawei devices.

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How To Setup An Wifi Network Priority?

Every user wants a stronger Wifi connection. Suppose you are using an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, then it automatically connects your device to the strongest Wifi connection in your list. It is also known as a priority list that brings the strongest connection to the priority and connects to it.

It does not matter if you have multiple internet connections at your home. The strongest will be prioritized automatically and then connected to your mobile phone.

Setting Up An Network Priority

There are not any specific steps to turn on this setting. If you are an Apple user, it automatically prioritizes your mobile phone’s strongest Wifi network. However, there are criteria on which the iPhone automatically connects to the strongest Wifi network.

  • Most Prefered Network
  • The private network joined recently
  • Public vs. Private networks

We know that there are some aspects on which Apple focuses while prioritizing your strongest network. IOS considers several factors sit give a hidden score that enables the device to connect to the strongest network in your mobile phone.

The score defines the network as per its connectivity. It often happens that if you automatically connect to another network, the rest have fewer scores. However, this information remains confidential about how Apple prioritizes a particular network.

Synchronizing Network Priority: MAC To iPhone

Apple never fails to overwhelm its users. This aspect of prioritizing the Wifi network also allows you to synchronize through your MAC laptop and prioritize the Wifi network there as well. All it takes is signing in with a similar Apple ID, and that’s it.

It would automatically prioritize the wifi network which is in your phone.As long as both the devices are turned on, they both would be linked with a similar priority Wifi Network.

Overall prioritizing a Wifi network provides the best connection and Wifi speed to the users. Apple users are luckiest to have this feature as a good internet connection makes everything fall in place.

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Cyber Security Trends in 2021

Most business ventures depend upon instructions discovered to enhance outcomes. They examine what they did properly or incorrectly to fill gaps and adapt techniques, mostly a barometer of destiny success.

The cybersecurity enterprise desires to observe this heuristic model. In 2021 we’re already dealing with many cyber-attacks and appearance to instructions found out to shut cyber vulnerabilities. Three traits to consciousness encompass:

The increasing cyber-attack surface (remote work, IoT supply chain)
Ransomware as a cyber weapon of choice.Threats to critical infrastructure thru ICS, OT/IT cyber-threat convergence

The increasing cyber-attack surface (remote work, IoT supply chain)

According to cybersecurity ventures, The global will keep two hundred zettabytes of information through 2025, in step with Cybersecurity Ventures. This consists of information saved on personal and public IT infrastructures, on software infrastructures, on personal and public cloud information centers, on remote computing devices.

The World Will Store 2 hundred Zettabytes Of Data By 2025; numerous elements have caused the Malthusian enlargement of the worldwide cyber-attack surface. These impacts encompass virtual transformation and the industrial version of extra people doing commercial enterprise over the internet.

We have moved into the early ranges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is highlighted through virtual interactions and the meshing of systems and humans. Our manner of lifestyles is increasing online.

Ransomware as a cyber weapon of choice

Ransomware has been around for nearly many years and has grown in recognition because it could greater without problems convey economic rewards to hackers. It is anticipated that there are now 124 separate households of ransomware and hackers have grow to be very adept at hiding malicious code.

Success for hackers does not constantly rely upon the use of the most up-to-date and maximum sophisticated malware. It is noticeably smooth for a hacker to do. In maximum cases, they depend on the most opportune goal of vulnerability, specifically with the benefit of online attacks.

Last year, ransomware made up almost 1 / 4 of the incident-reaction engagements for IBM Security’s X-Force threat intelligence group. Fifty-nine percent of the ransomware incidents worried cybercriminals exfiltrating, earlier than encrypting, the data — so-called “double-extortion” attacks.

Threats to critical infrastructure thru ICS, OT/IT cyber-threat convergence

The 2020 World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report indexed cyber attacks on critical infrastructure (CI) as a top concern. WEF stated that “attacks on critical infrastructure have turn out to be the new regular throughout sectors along with energy, healthcare, and transportation”.

The Global Risks Report 2020 | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) The threats are developing together with the assault surfaces related to CI. Cyber threats consist of phishing scams, bots, ransomware, malware, and exploiting software program holes.

The worldwide threat actors consist of terrorists, criminals, hackers, organized crime, malicious individuals, and, in a few cases, adverse kingdom states. Hackers regularly are looking for unsecured ports and structures on commercial structures linked to the internet.

IT/OT/ICS delivery chains in CI can be especially inclined as they move to pollinate and provide attackers with many access points. Older Legacy OT structures were not designed to defend against cyber-attacks.

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5G Network in 2021

The next-generation technology trend that serves the IoT is 5G. 3G and 4G technologies have permitted us to browse the internet, use data-driven assistance, and extend bandwidths for streaming on Spotify or YouTube.

5G network services are supposed to transform our lives by allowing services that rely on superior technologies like AR and VR, alongside cloud-based gaming services like Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce, etc.

It is expected to be used in industries, HD cameras that assist in increasing safety and traffic control, smart grid control, and smart retail too.

5G network as big deal

Networks that operate entirely on 5G network standards have more active speeds, much more under latency (responsiveness of remote computers), more robust connection frequency, more authenticity, and greater versatility. This should improve the portable device user’s experience and guide them to new services and businesses.

Extensive 5G Network

The extent of 5G network depends on the country. In the United States of America, the networks cover most of the community, but most associates still don’t offer a significant appearance enhancement.

That should improve once networks build a new core base with the help of edge computing and move to standalone 5G network services. All elements of the connection are 5G network. It will take some time until this is the case in the United States and other heading countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and China.

Benefits of 5G

Businesses will get vast quantities of data from various remote devices, store and work with that data in the cloud, and handle operations remotely. Individual networks and more authentic associations will also let them reimagine the idea of office spaces, factories, and stores—and how their operators communicate with each other.

Phones with 5G Options

There are also many flagship phones with 5G network, which is a difference from the beginning of 2020 when 5G network was an ultra-premium comic frequently found in specific 5G models. But now, Apple’s iPhone 12 comes with a 5G option across the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Samsung phones have established a 5G network across all its products since the Galaxy S20, maintaining this year’s Galaxy S21. In 2020, only the S20+ and S20 Ultra had mmWave support on specific Snapdragon modifications. Apple and Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and many others have 5G network devices.

The 5G network is now available globally. Now the majority of the mobile companies are releasing their devices along with the 5G network option.

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How to link Hotmail Account to Gmail Account

In this article, we are going to tell you about how to link a Hotmail account to your Gmail account so you can check both accounts from within Gmail rather than having to go to Hotmail.com, Live.com, or Outlook.com to check your Hotmail.

You will be able to open your Gmail account and view each of your email accounts there in one place. Besides, each email will be labeled so you will know to which account the email was sent. You will even be able to reply using the email account of your choice. But before we can link a www.Hotmail.com account to Gmail, we need to do a little preparatory work in Hotmail.

  1. Open a browser and sign in to your Hotmail account.
  2. From the top right corner, click the Settings icon.
  3. From the drop-down list that appears, click options.
  4. From the options menu, find and click connect devices and apps with POP.
  5. POP, which is short for post office protocol, is simply a method in which email messages are moved from a mail server to an email client such as Hotmail or Gmail.
  6. By default, this is turned off to provide extra security. If unused, click the radio button next to enable. Leave the radio button checked.
  7. Now select – Don’t let devices and apps delete messages and then click Save.
  8. Leave Hotmail open and then sign in to your Gmail account.
  9. Once Gmail is open, click the Settings icon in the upper right and then click Settings from the drop-down list.
  10. On top, there are several areas to choose from. Click on Accounts and Import to continue.
  11. Under accounts and import, we will focus on the section: Check mail from other accounts (using POP3). Click add a POP3 mail account you own to continue.
  12. In the box that appears, enter your Hotmail address, and click Next Step.
  13. In the following box, the username is prefilled.
  14. Type in your password the pop server pop3.live.com and port 995 are also prefilled.
  15. There are four options below:
  16. Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server should be checked if you want to leave your email on the Microsoft servers otherwise your email will be uploaded to the Google Gmail servers and deleted from the Microsoft Hotmail servers.
  17. Always use a secure connection SSL when retrieving mail is checked by default this keeps the information inside your email protected when retrieved so keep this checked unless an error prevents you from doing so.
  18. Label incoming messages put a label in front of each email so you can see which account the email was sent to.
  19. Archive incoming messages upload your email but do not show it in the inbox to see if you would select All Mail from the folder list on the left under the inbox folder.
  20. Once all the information is correct click Add Account to continue.
  21. If you get an error message, try checking your Hotmail account to see if you received an email about the unusual sign-in activity. If you did, open the email, and click review recent activity, review the information, and if everything looks ok click this was me.
  22. Return to Gmail, reenter your password, and then click Add Account.
  23. The next box that appears, asks if you would like to be able to send email using your Hotmail account name. Leave the radio button next to yes, select, and click the next step.
  24. Next, verify that the name shown in the box is correct and uncheck the box next to treat as an alias we won’t discuss treat as alias here, but if you would like to know more about it click to learn more. Click the next step to continue.
  25. In the final setup box, we will configure how mail is sent.
  26. The SMTP server, which sends an email, is prefilled along with your username. If needed, enter your password.
  27. We will make one change, click the drop-down to change from port 25 to port 587. Without a long-winded explanation, suffice it to say that using port 587 with TLS is generally preferable for security reasons and sometimes port 25 is blocked by Internet service providers or ISPs.
  28. Leave the radio button next to secured connection using TLS selected and click Add Account.
  29. Once the credentials are checked, the next step is to verify that it’s okay to send mail using your Hotmail address go back to Hotmail.com and open the verification email you can copy the verification code and paste it in the Gmail box but it’s probably easier to just click the link in the email. When you click the verification link, a new tab will open showing that we may now send mail using our Hotmail address.
  30. Exit Hotmail and return to Gmail. Click the close window to complete the setup.

The Hotmail address is now added to Gmail and we can send emails using our Hotmail address. If we click on the inbox, we can see that the Hotmail email now appears in Gmail. Also, notice that each email is labeled, so we know which email was sent to our Hotmail account and which was sent to our Gmail account.

Now for testing, click on compose and note the new message box where it says From. If we click the drop-down arrow, notice that you can choose which email address to send from. In this article, we reviewed how to link a Hotmail account to your Gmail account so you can check both accounts from within Gmail.


Best Alternatives to 123Movies

If you are relaxing your body after coming from office or college by streaming online Movies or TV Shows then definitely 123Movies website is on the top of your list. This platform contains all the new and older movies and TV Shows and they upload new programs on their website to keep updated. But due to various reasons, this website is shut down from the whole internet.

So for this purpose, many of you are looking for the best alternatives to 123Movies and if you are one of them, then this article is helpful for you. Here’s the list of the best websites which we consider after spending hours and hours on the internet. But before moving toward the list let me tell you what is 123Movies website.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies was first launched in 2015 and has more than 100 million, active users, from every part of the world. This site provides a bunch of movies and TV Shows for free. In order to watch movies on this site, you don’t need to create an account and not even buy any paid subscription. Just select any of your favorite movies and hit the play button. Simple As That.

But Due to several reasons, this website was shut down by the Motion Association of America (MPAA). If you are a movie lover then this definitely you remember this website.

Best Alternatives to 123Movies

Following are the best alternatives to 123Movies.

  1. Spacemov
  2. Gledalica
  3. GoMovies
  4. xMovies8
  5. M4uFree
  6. FMovies


Spacemov movies is one of the best online streaming websites not as popular as 123Movies. But this website is still the best among the movie lovers. This site has more than 50 thousand movies and TV shows which you can watch without creating an account.  Also, they are updating their website on a regular basis, so don’t worry you will also find every type of new movies and TV shows on their platform. So don’t forget to try once yourself.


GoMovies is also one of the best alternatives to 123Movies with similar features. In this website, you can watch any category of the movie like Action, Thrilling, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, etc without paying a single amount of money. You just need to create an account if you want to request any movie.  In addition, you can also watch any TV shows or from any country like India, the USA, Japan, China, Europe for free. Due to its simple interface, this website is famous among movie lovers. 



M4ufree is also the best alternative of 123Movies which come with an unlimited number of movies and TV shows from all genre. This website provides a fast online streaming service as compared to another website like Putlocker, Vumoo, Crackle, Popcornflix, etc.  This platform has several filter options that help the user to find their favorite movie within a single click. Besides, a 3+ streaming server helps users to watch movies or TV shows without getting any loading issues. 

Mr Piracy

Mr Piracy is one top of the list of alternatives to 123Movies which come with various features. This website has almost all types of movies and TV shows from more than 10+ countries from all over the world. Also, the video and streaming quality of this website are amazing as compared to others.  The interface on this website is similar to 123Movies.

In order to watch you just need to select your favorite movie or using the search bar which is located on the right side of the homepage. Just choose your favorite movie or TV show and start watching them within a single click. Also, you don’t need to create an account or buy any of their paid services. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all in this article, I hope after reading this article you will be able to find the best alternatives to 123Movies. Before watching any movies or TV shows on these sites make sure you install any ad blocker which helps to get rid of the ads an popups. Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section which movie website you are going to try first. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.